China Will Owns The Strength Power Of Hardware Products Industry

China’s accumulative revenue of hardware products industry, which was 2,943.26 hundred million Yuan and saw year-on-year rises of 26.80%, maintained their robust growth in January to June, 2011. The total profit of hardware products industry was 13.695 billion Yuan and saw year-on-year rises of 23.85%. Moreover, 637 enterprises of hardware products industry had the loss. The total loss of the industry was 11.71% and had 3.77% decline which was more than the same period in 2010. The total accumulative loss of the industry was 822 million Yuan and saw year-year growth of 33.72%. The loss was influence for the profit of hardware products industry to rise.
According to the 30 years of developing experience and achievement of hardware products industry, the main competitiveness of the Chinese hardware products industry are these 5 aspects: the competitiveness of the products, combining to use informatization and industrialization, brand construction, keeping up the culture of the enterprises and building up the orderly environment of the industry. In the next few years, if the hardware products industry wants to improve quickly their main competitiveness and owns the strength power, it must to do these 7 steps well: strengthening the standard of system revision and improving the quality of hardware products; strengthening cultivation and development of the cluster of industry, improving and upgrading the industry; building up the perfect system of economic operation and analysis and the system of industrial injury early warning mechanism; bringing into play the power of the main enterprises and promoting to set up the brands of the industry; encouraging the enterprises to research new technology and developing the market of China and abroad; enhancing to use the new technology, new material, new technique and new equipments; using the international horizon to solve the problems of the industry, improve the organization of the hardware products industry, improve the quality of service and expand the awareness of the whole hardware products industry.
At present, Chinese hardware products industry owns variety products, such as fasteners , furniture hardware , sundry hardware and so on. There is the most products being produced by China. Chinese hardware products industry has a large sharing in global market and the products are sold to more than 220 countries and areas. At the end of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, China owns the number of hardware products enterprises which has reached forty thousand and the annual output value is more than eight hundred billion.
During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the average increasing rate of Chinese hardware products was 15%. According to the statistical data of the customs office, Chinese hardware product’s total import and export have reached 74.923 billion dollar and the increasing has reached the 30.1%. Among them, the total export amount was 57.51 billion dollar and had year-on-year rises of 31.4%; the total import amount was 17.412 billion dollar and had year-on-year rises of 26%. Chinese hardware products main export to the United State, Germany, Japan, the UK, Hong Kong and other countries or areas; the import products main was imported from Germany, Japan, the Unite State, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries or areas.

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